"I want to reiterate how very grateful I am to be in your test group for this program. I am deriving huge benefit from it and it feels great to be a) improving my health, and b) actively working toward a healthy pregnancy, even though we're still in Condom Canyon!"  - Client 20-001


I’ve heard from too many of you that the only suggestions that you’re getting from your health providers when it comes to trying for a baby is to stop the pill, take a prenatal vitamin and have fun.


However, all those eggs and sperm go through crucial genetic preparations in the weeks before conception, and you want these to occur under the best circumstances.


You may not know that most birth defects, many preventable, occur between 17 & 56 days after conception - the time before many even know they are pregnant and not all defects occur randomly - its empowering to know you have some control.


It's also easier to continue healthy habits into pregnancy and beyond if they're in place before pregnancy.


You do have a choice - fertility and fetal development depend on both genetics and the environment - and you can control the environmental factors. And that’s where I come in.



Using nutrition and lifestyle choices, I’m helping women like you who are only getting the advice of "quit birth control and have fun" in order to conceive.


After completing this program, you will be able to implement healthy diet, stress-reduction and fertility boosting health strategies to positively prepare your body to conceive and deliver a happy, healthy baby.


You can expect 12 weeks of Blueprints sent directly to your email address weekly so you can prioritize your changes and have your Blueprint for the upcoming week all ready to go.  Each week is broken down into not only learn why you should make health improvements prior to pregnancy but how to make those changes.  Broken down into smaller, achievable portions, you will have a blueprint on how to make lifelong choices that will help you meet and exceed your health goals! 


Vegetarian or carnivore?  Boxers or briefs?  Full fat or low fat dairy?  Learn what food is ideal for conception, how to get the best sleep habits in place, stress management, an easy to implement exercise regiment and more!  No more guessing on what you should focus on.  This 12 week program gives you the direction to help you make the improvements in your health before BEFORE you get pregnant (and can continue throughout the rest of your life!) 


With the purchase of the program, you will also have access to a Closed Facebook group where you can meet others who are at the same place that you are.  You will find additional Fertility Boosting tips as well as recipes and support!  


You wouldn't build a home or renovate your kitchen without a plan - make sure your foundation is strong and Give Peas A Chance with the 12 Week Womb Renovation Blueprint!


1.  Sign up for the 12 Week Womb Renovation Blueprint

2.  Automatically get a new Blueprint delivered to your inbox each week

3.  Ask questions, get support and more in the exclusive Facebook Group.

4.  Learn how to eat and live for your own health and the health of your future children.

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Because healthy babies don't make themselves


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