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"I want to reiterate how very grateful I am to be in your test group for this program. I am deriving huge benefit from it and it feels great to be a) improving my health, and b) actively working toward a healthy pregnancy, even though we're still in Condom Canyon!"  - Client 20-001

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I’ve heard from too many of you that the only suggestions that you’re getting from your health providers when it comes to trying for a baby is to stop the pill, take a prenatal vitamin and have fun.


However, all those eggs and sperm go through crucial genetic preparations in the weeks before conception, and you want these to occur under the best circumstances.


You may not know that most birth defects, many preventable, occur between 17 & 56 days after conception - the time before many even know they are pregnant and not all defects occur randomly - its empowering to know you have some control.


It's also easier to continue healthy habits into pregnancy and beyond if they're in place before pregnancy.


You do have a choice - fertility and fetal development depend on both genetics and the environment - and you can control the environmental factors. And that’s where I come in.


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The Womb Renovation Blueprint is broken down into 12 Weeks.

You don't have to stress on what you need to focus on, and what you need to do to create a welcoming womb.


Each week you will be given tips to remember and understand why these changes you are making are so important in your Womb Renovation.


You will learn how to apply the information to your life, and start analyzing and evaluating how powerful your body truly is, and how the foods you eat and choices you make are determining your health and wellness.


You can create a Welcoming Womb and be prepared for a healthy family!

By the end of the program, you will understand:

    • How to Hydrate, reduce inflammation, and listen to what your body is telling you

    • How insulin and blood sugar plays a role in fertility

    • What you can do right now to get a better nights sleep

    • What foods make you feel your best

    • Why label reading is a skill that you need to practice, and how to go from confusion to confidence at the grocery store 

    • Why listening to your body will lead to a stable weight and less cravings

    • The fats you choose will either help or hinder your fertility

    • So, so much more!

As an added Bonus, you will also get access to a VIP Facebook Group for extra tips and have any questions answered that you may have!

If you're ready to make positive changes to your health and fertility, get started today!

How the Womb Renovation Blueprint Helped Tori
I was looking for information on health and wellness when it came to challenges with fertility. My husband and I were trying for a year to conceive and had an upcoming appointment at a fertility clinic. I was looking at ways to change my health before going that route.
I started to follow each week. Which was easy to follow. I loved the recap that only added one item each week. Didn’t feel overwhelming and was easy to follow. Some weeks were easier then others but I enjoyed the few weeks where you reminded us to keep going and even recap the parts we may have stopped following.
A few weeks into the program I found out I was pregnant.
A week away from having our fertility appointment scheduled.
I thank you for all the info you provided. I am continuing with the health and wellness part throughout my pregnancy and I love all the info you have shared.
Take the chance. It’s worth it. Even if you change one or two things, You will feel better. Also- I never really thought about the before pregnancy part. We all know what we have to do once we get pregnant but how important the health part is before we get pregnant.