You Are One of a Kind and Deserve a One of a Kind Coach.

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I will be here for you and can guide you in deciphering what food your body is telling you to eat.  We can work together to renovate your body before you try for a baby.  


Let me teach you what I wish I knew then.  


We'll do an extensive analysis and interview so that I can learn your story. 


The habits that you have now didn't come overnight, and you can't expect to develop new, healthier habits overnight either.   Think of the first time you tried to drive a stick shift or learn a new game.  It's helpful to have a good teacher or coach.


  I'll do so much more than teach you, we'll work together to figure out the best way for YOU to reach your health goals. 


I want to inspire you and help sustain hope in your journey. 

I will help you recognize your improvements which you may not notice yourself. 

I will hold you accountable in a way that works best for you. 


This is the opportunity to get personalized, one on one coaching.  No groups, no cookie cutter plans, just a strategy that works and adapts to your needs.


This is about you and your journey to health (and hopefully a healthy pregnancy).  I want to support you on the way and be a part of your team!  There are no guarantees in life, but I can help you with the healthy habits that can take you through your fertility journey and beyond.


You don't have to sit and wait; for that ovulation test, that doctors appointment, that diagnosis.  


You can Take Charge of Your Fertility Destiny now.


Consultations are always free, so you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


1.  Schedule a discovery call

2.  Allow me to help create a customized plan for you

3.  Let's execute the plan together

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Sarah is an amazing person to work with. I started to work with her 3 months ago to help get my health in shape to conceive. Sarah is very knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and so much more. She is very thorough in her questions, making sure she isn't missing any detail.

I am not one for talking on the phone, especially to people I have never met in person but when talking with Sarah she never felt like a stranger, she is the easiest person to talk to and I look forward to every appointment.

She meets you where you are at in your journey and cheers you on every step of the way!!

- Sage Curry, VIP Client

One on One Coaching with 6 Coaching Calls

I currently work with a limited number of high-level clients who deserve personalized, hands-on support and access so that they can improve their health quicker to help them conceive.   If you are dealing with a specific health concern, let me help you.


 You can expect a personalized guide on what foods and habits to concentrate on as well as behaviour awareness around eating based on how you live so you don't have to know everything.  Learn what foods you should be focusing on to improve your body in preparation for pregnancy.  Lifestyle and supplement recommendations are also included.


This VIP program includes a 2-hour long discovery interview so I can learn about your story and where you are at. We'll do 6 bi-weekly one on one check ins.  You can always be connected and have support when YOU need it, not just during business hours or when a call is scheduled.  You get exclusive access to me personally with calls so we can adjust your plan and see what's been happening.   Get the help you deserve.   3 Month VIP clients get a 10% lifelong discount on supplements!


After working with me, you will be able to implement healthy diet, stress-reduction and fertility boosting health strategies to positively prepare your body to conceive and deliver a happy, healthy baby.   You will learn how to make the choices that align with your individual health goals that last with you through pregnancy and beyond.



6 Month VIP One on One Coaching
with 13 Coaching Calls 


Sometimes you need a little more help or are dealing with some bigger health concerns.  If you're dealing with more than just wanting to optimize your fertility, and want longer term support, this is the extended program.  Includes everything in the 3 Month program extended into 6 months of personalized, individual support including 12 bi-weekly check in calls.  6 Month VIP clients get a 20% lifelong discount on supplements!

Have a group of girlfriends who want to take charge of their health together?   We can do that too!   Message me to chat about group and custom programs!

* payment plans available!