Womb Renovation Blueprint

Womb Renovation Blueprint


You have probably heard that you are born with all your eggs already in your ovaries (in fact, your Mom technically carried the eggs of her own grandbabies!), but that is only part of the story. It takes roughly 90 days for an egg to renew itself and sperm develops about 64 days (and another 12-21 days of maturation are needed for the sperm to be able to move and be fertile!) before it is sent on its most important mission!


The 12 Week time frame allows you to make lifestyle changes that protect those final stages of egg development, not only reducing the risk of some genetic defects but as well as optimizing the womb for implantation.


Now is the time to break the bad habits and make better ones.  Recognize that what you are doing is for your health.  Not many people have the courage or discipline to do what you are doing.  As you discover how your fertility can be impacted by food, you will learn how to take small steps every day!  We're going to walk the talk, actions speak louder than words!


You do have a choice in the matter. Fertility and fetal development depend on both genetic and environmental factors, and the main thing you can control is the latter.


The 12 Week Womb Renovation Blueprint will give you:
- clarity and direction you need
- clear recommendations on where to start
- what to prioritize
- how to take back control of your health!


You wouldn't build a home renovate your kitchen without a plan - make sure your foundation is strong and Give Peas A Chance with the Womb Renovation Blueprint!

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