Why it's important to become your own advocate.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I've been on thyroid medications since I was about 20. At first it was Synthroid, but the more I started looking into it after I went through fertility treatment, the more I knew my condition wasn't being managed. I went to my then family doctor to get a prescription for desiccated thyroid (natural), and he didn't know enough about it, so referred me off to an endocrinologist. Here is where I found out about the elevated testosterone (this is another story all together - see www.givepeasachance.ca/start-here) and he wouldn't do the desiccated, only adding the very expensive Cytomel (this is the active form of thyroid hormone). This kind of worked, until I started doing even more research on how gluten can mess with your thyroid - so after cutting out gluten, we've reduced my meds, but I'm back to being managed in a lab setting, but not physically.

I've been working with my new family doctor since going gluten free being able to reduce meds (and teaching her a thing or two as well!). Because we have a great relationship, and I have shown her that I'm proactive and advocating for my own health, she's agreed to let me try desiccated! We're going to monitor my labs and physical symptoms and see if I can better get my condition managed.

I'm quickly learning that when it comes to pregnancy, the only advice you will get from your doctor is to stop with the birth control and have sex. It's so much more than that for many. All of the women that I have talked to about their journey with infertility, and no one was given any advice from their doctors on how to enhance their fertility outside of actual fertility treatments. There are ways for you to enhance your fertility using nutrition and lifestyle, and I can help you take charge of your fertility destiny. It makes me mad to see so many women who feel like their hands have been forced into expensive fertility treatments when there are other options.

This has been a major win in my health journey, let me help you advocate and discover a win in yours.

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