Variety is the Spice of Your Micobiomes Life!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Think back and count how many different foods you ate this past week. I'll wait. . . .

Is it less than 15?

Do you eat the same breakfast every day? How many times do you eat leftovers? Do you stick to the same three veggies every time you go shopping? Majority of people eat less than 15 foods in a week.

We're learning more and more that the key to good health is a healthy and varied microbiome.

And how do you achieve this? One way is through varied and healthy food (who would have figured). You eat the same 15 things each week, you are only going to have a gut microbiome that feeds off those 15 things (and even less if the majority of those 15 things are dead processed foods).

This is another reason why restrictive diet plans aren't good in the long term.

More and more disease states are being traced back to dysbosis in the gut; everything from migraines and the horrible symptoms associated with menopause.

Think of your gut as a giant rainforest - diverse and lush. Heaven forbid something happens to cause a die off of a species, you still have lots or other diverse plant and animal life to take over. There will always be a check and balance in the undisturbed ecosystem. Now think of a mono-crop. If a certain bug is more prevalent that year where the crop is susceptible (or say, you have to take antibiotics), that entire crop can be wiped out before you know it. So, how do you work on a lush and varied rainforest?

When you do your meal planning and grocery shopping, start branching out into whole foods you have never tried before. Try that different whole grain, pick a veggie you've never tried before. Be adventurous and try something fermented! Then you'll really be giving your biome a boost! Soon you'll be adding all types of biome building food. Variety really is the spice of life!

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