Two things you need in your life.

I volunteer with AHS as the Vice Chair of the Yellow Head East Health Advisory Council.

I recently had an opportunity at our annual Fall Forum; this is an event that gives up updates on what is happening at AHS, as well as learning about some of the services they offer outside of the traditional care setting.

Two amazing opportunities came up that I wanted to share.

First was I had the emotional opportunity to partake in my first KAIROS Blanket Exercise. This interactive history lesson delves into reconciliation through education and understanding, and was something that I think every Canadian should have to partake in!

Second, Heartmath. This is an amazing way to tap into your bodies ability to engage the parasympathetic system (rest and digest). Through breathing and focusing, the system teaches you how to shift into a place where you are better able to handle the stressors of life. You can learn to shift your mood in the moment. If you have never heard of this, I recommend you look into it more

Have you heard about Heartmath or participated in a KAIROS Blanket Exercise? Please! Share your experiences

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