You don't need dirt to make things green.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Since I went to the local elementary school to teach them how to make my dill pickle hummus, and make some sprouting lids, people have been asking "How the heck do I sprout?"

I tried to convince the kids it was science, that you don't need dirt to grow things, and I wasn't lying.

The health benefits are too many to mention - - I have no problem outsourcing some information!

You can sprout so many things (those bean sprouts you get for your stir fry - you can sprout those at home from mung beans!)

It's easy to get started - a mason jar and some plastic canvas are all you really need (just watch the rings...they tend to rust quickly). Take out the lid and trace it on some plastic canvas (the stuff you use to craft with as a kid), cut it out, and bam. A cheap sprouting lid. Even cheesecloth and an elastic work as well.

Peavy Mart carries lids: I picked up a two pack of these ones for about $10 -…/bean-screen-bean-sprouting-lids… I recommend these if you're going to be sprouting often, because the rings that come on jars can rust.

You can see the last time I did wheat grass sprouts was for the chickens back in March when we still had snow on the ground! They like their greens year round too!

You can just buy unsplit legumes (just stay away from kidney beans for raw eating) and sprout away. I personally like the seed mixes - has a great line - and again, I find mine at Peavy Mart. Mumm's also carries a great line as well.

The ones you buy for actual planting you shouldn't sprout for eating raw.

It's easy. Soak your seeds in clean water over night (longer if you're doing a bigger bean or seed). Rinse. Drain well (this is where the fancy lids come in handy because they drain more efficiently). Rinse and drain twice a day until you have some beautiful sprouts!

Make sure they are well drained so that mold isn't encouraged. Once you're at the size you want, just pop them in the fridge in a sealed container and you should be good. I usually just continue sprouting mine and eat them from the jar.

Salads, sammiches, we come! (The "grass" one here is actually wheatgrass for my chickens! They love a good sprout too!) This batch today is Zesty Lentil (lentils, radish, alfalfa, red clover, mustard). Heck. You could even give peas a chance.

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