#PutThoseNutsInYourMouth - It's National Nut Day!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

If you're trying to get pregnant (or just be more healthy in general), say yes to Nuts!

Ovulatory infertility is 39% more likely in women with the highest intake of animal protein than those with the lowest. You should be aiming to get at least half of your protein from plants - beans, nuts, nut butter, whole grains and seeds.

Not only are nuts a great source of protein, they're high in mono and poly unsaturated fats. Healthy people given unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats develop greater sensitivity to insulin. They can even be a great source of calcium! It also decreases the bodies own conversion creating glucose, and calms inflammation - both super vital to your pre-pregnancy care. (But don't cut out all saturated fats! They support our bodies most critical functions including a healthy brain and nervous system, strong bones and teeth, optimal lung capacity and health hormone function. It is vital to your fertility!)

The omega 3 fats found in walnuts help regulate hormones, increase cervical mucus, and aid in normalizing the menstrual cycle. And, they look like little brains because they are brain food! Where you can, opt for raw, un-salted whole nuts that you buy in a sealed package - no bulk bins here! The fats found in nuts are too volatile to rancidity.

Nuts contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which can make them difficult to digest, and block the absorption of minerals; they can be neutralized first by soaking them overnight and drying them again before eating! The only exceptions are cashews (soak 2-3 hours max) and macadamia nuts (they turn to mush when soaked!). A serving of nuts is a small handful, except when it comes to Brazil nuts. They can be a high source of selenium (hello Thyroid health!) so stick to two a day maximum!

They're also a great quick snack, better than any of those processed protein bars you'll find (and cheaper too!)

What is your favourite nut?

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