Psoria-sucks. And what I'm doing about it.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This ^^ is me. But I think a BBQ brush would have been more effective.

If you have psoriasis, you already know. It sucks.

The itchy, the flaking, the being self conscious.

The dermatologist said it had nothing to do with diet or what I was eating, which is such bullshit. Her solution was expensive topical creams. You think this doesn't get into your system? Then why is one of the warnings if you have liver disease, to not use it?

If you haven't heard it before, let me be the first to tell you. Your skin is the window to the gut. Your skin isn't happy? It all started with what is happening after you eat.

When it comes to psoriasis, just like everything else out there when it comes to diet, you get the whole spectrum of people who swear that there way is the only way to deal with it.

You have the vegans saying it's the only way it healed them. Then the vegetarians say there way is the only way. Oh yeah, intermittent fasting did it. Keto is the cure. Carnivore 100% is the only way. No, just this magic MLM supplement cleared my skin.


The blanket one size fits all approach is one of the most frustrating things I see in the nutrition and health world (Canada food guide anyone?).

And of course, well meaning advice (those with infertility have seriously heard it all).

My friends sisters Uncle cleared up his psoriasis by mixing sheep manure with clove oil and applying at the full moon.

Please don't try that.

Psoriasis is different things to different people, with different root causes. That's the whole concept behind Holistic Nutrition. Sometimes you are going to have to take the life-raft of prescriptions of topicals to get through (I'm lucky the BBQ brush isn't handy in the middle of the night when I'm about to scratch off my lady parts....and note, the anti-itch stuff from Gold Bond is menthol....feels like burning!).

But what pushed you in to begin with?

I've been working on things since I got my diagnosis in November 2019. I've ready, I've followed, I've asked questions. And now I experiment.

For me, I know my digestion is sluggish. I need some help in the stomach acid department. If you aren't digesting properly, food gets through your system not broken down enough which will definitely cause issues - food will putrefy instead of digest, you'll face malnutrition and a whole host of issues (do you get regular heartburn? That could actually be a sign of low stomach acid, not high).

I'm paying more attention to food sensitives. The big 4-0 is coming soon, and I've learned that dairy is finally a no-no (bloat and gas). It's a sad time in my life, but many people cannot properly digest lactose and dairy. So out it went.

I've tried a few other eliminations (turkey can be an offender due to some of the amino acids...which is great, you know because you raised turkeys last summer and have a whole freezerful). I cut out all grains for awhile (I've been 96% gluten free already for a few years for my thyroid).

A recent addition is the exposure to the healing rays of sun. When you live in the country, nude sun bathing is an option. One of my worst spots was however my right armpit; fortunately an easy place to expose. So I try to get some sun on that spot daily.

It's definitely better (my skin is no longer tearing - that sounds fun, eh), but I'm still not where I want to be.

So, what now?

Every 6 months or so (when summer starts and when winter starts) I try to do an extended fast as a reset. The kids were off at the Grandparents for the week, so it's the perfect time when I'm not having to cook for the entire family. I usually do a water fast, but this time decided to go with a bone broth fast to do some gut healing at the same time. Armed with my home made broth, off I went.

After 60 hours of just salted water and bone broth, I was in I figure, let's continue with that and see how it feels and let's see if I can kick this psoriasis to the curb.

I'm armed with my coconut milk, avocados, ghee, free-range eggs, and organic chicken thighs.

Will this work for me? Really, I don't know.

But that is the thing with nutrition. There is no one size fits all approach. You are an individual. What works for someone else, will not necessarily work for you.

If you have a condition that you are concerned about, there may be some ways you can adjust your diet and lifestyle to support your body. When you work with a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (like me!), you get individualized and customized plans to you. We will work together to determine what your body is telling you it needs, and I will support you along your journey.

If you want to see how I can help you make changes so you feel better/have more energy/aren't self conscious/have more good days than bad/fill in the blank, book a free consult at

I'll keep updating my progress through my IG and FB stories, so make sure to follow me there!

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