Polish Girls Perfume - aka Garlic Soup

I'm not going to win awards for my photographing of my food, but I should for the taste. This isn't my healthiest recipe to share (so make sure to pair it with a nice big salad!)

I'm going to admit - this isn't my recipe. I suckered my cousin into giving it to me. And since he doesn't subscribe to my newsletter, he doesn't know I am sharing it with you.

What you'll need:

3 medium onions - chopped

3 cups leeks - sliced

3/4 prosciutto - chopped fine (or bacon)

1/4 cup fat (ghee or olive oil)

1 cup garlic - chopped

Flour or powdered starch (tapioca, potato) - this is optional

2 litres of chicken stock

6 large potatoes - chopped

2/3 cup parsley - chopped

1/2 litre heavy cream - optional

Sauté your garlic, onions, leeks and prosciutto in your fat. (See note below on leeks and prosciutto). When translucent, add your starch (optional for creamier soup) to make a rue. Add the chicken stock and potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Add your parsley and cook until the potatoes are tender. At this point you can add the optional cream, or just take a few scoops out and puree in a blender to creamify. Eat as is, or cool and freeze!

The good parts of this recipe

Of course, this soup is garlic heavy (and smells amazing when cooking)! As you can see above, every diet needs more garlic in it!


These are a very good source of Vitamin C (who would have thunk?), Vitamin B6, biotin, chromium, and of course, fibre. In addition, they're also a good source of folic acid, vitamin B1 and K. Onions actually possess many of the same positive effects as garlic. Onion and onions extracts have been proven to decrease blood lipid levels, prevent clot formation, and lower blood pressure. Onions have also been shown to have a significant blood-sugar lowering action, comparable to some drugs that are given to diabetics! Onion has historically been used to treat asthma too! Make sure you are storing your onions away from your potatoes - they will absorb the moisture and the ethylene gas causing them to spoil more rapidly.


Leeks are actually related to onions and garlic, and share some of the same health benefits - presumably they can lower cholesterol levels, improve the immune system, and fight cancer just as onions and garlic can. When you're dealing with leaks, peel off the outer layer and then slice into rings. Break the rings up in a bowl of cold water and swish around and let sit for a few minutes - leeks tends to get a little gritty dirt build up between their layers, so this will get some of that dirt out. Use a slotted spoon or your fingers to scoop out the leeks from the bowl - don't dump into a strainer because you'll just get all that grit back into your leeks!


Most of the nutrition in potatoes is founds in the skins (along with its fibre and proteins), so it's best to scrub them good and leave the skins on where you can! They are a very good source of many nutrients including potassium, vitamin B6 and C, niacin, pantothenic acid and of course, dietary fibre. The protein quality is actually moderate as well - and contain lysine, an essential amino acid that is often lacking in grains.


Don't skip on this powerhouse green. This bad boy comes from the same family as carrots and celery. It is extremely rich in a large number of nutrients, chlorophyll and carotenes. Its a very good source of vitamin C, folic acid, and iron. It is also a good source of minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc. We also have fibre. It has been shown to inhibit the increase in urinary mutagenicity of humans following the ingestion of fried foods; and along with other properties in the parsley (vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenes), have also been shown to inhibit the cancer-causing proper tings of fried foods! It is also regarded as an excellent "nerve stimulant" and can often be found in energy drinks!

A note on the prosciutto - I chose to go with bacon over prosciutto, because I couldn't find a nitrate free version. It's easy to find nitrate free "naturally" preserved bacon's now - and I found it was a great substitute.

So, if you're looking for a way to get more of those amazing sulphur filled foods in your diet - you really can't beat this soup! When you try it, make sure to let me know what you think!

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