Estrogenics are bad news, and not just for your fertility.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

When the estrogen receptors get blocked by estrogenic chemicals, the estrogen can't do it's job at that particular location of your body. If organs or tissues in your body have receptors, they can pick up estrogenic.

Why is this important?

Because estrogen receptors are pretty much spread out through your entire body. They are more prevalent than most other hormone receptors, and are in fact practically every cell of your body. When you mess with your bodies estrogen levels by using "estrogenic" - and many you do by accident - there are problems being caused through your entire body.

Estrogenic will not just change your brain, or just your fat, or muscle, or reproductive can change them all!

The top 10 estrogenic you are exposed to (and many daily based on your food and lifestyle choices):

1. Phytroestrogens - plant estrogenics 2. Mycoestrogens - fungus estrogenic 3. Atrazine - herbicide estrogenic 4. Triclosan and alkyphenols - soap estrogenics 5. Benzophenone & 4-methylbenzylidene - sunscreen estrogenics 6. Red Dye Number 3 & 40 - artificial food colour estrogenics 7. Parabens - fragrance estrogenics 8. Phthalates - plastic additive estrogenics 9. BPA & BPS - plastic ingredient estrogenics 10. EE2 - birth control estrogenic

Take a look at this list and get armed with knowledge. Where can you be more aware? How can you make better choices for you and your family? What products can you work to replace?

And if you need some help, you know where to find me.

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