Blood Sugar Balance and Your Fertility

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Too much insulin leads to a derangement of sex hormones that can stop ovulation in its tracks. Chronically high levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor stimulate cells in the ovary to overproduce male hormones. This will prevent follicles from maturing into eggs.

In women with PCOS, high levels of insulin don't just create a trickle of testosterone, they create a flood. Eating lots of easily digested carbs (white bread, potatoes, pop and candy) increases the chances that you'll find yourself struggling with ovulatory infertility.

A diet rich in slowly digested carbs and fiber can not only improve your fertility but help prevent gestational diabetes.

What can you add to your diet to help with blood sugar/insulin? Cinnamon, healthy fat, even honey! It isn't just about sugar.

So, if you're trying to conceive - what's on your plate?

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