5 Reasons Why Not to Work with Me.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

5 Reasons to NOT work with me

So you've determined you're ready to start or expand your family. You and your partner have decided "I want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby on my schedule."

Here's why you shouldn't work with me.

1. I don't need to do anything special. I'm going hope and pray that this all works out perfect.

Doing nothing or praying everything will be fine will not fix nutrient deficiencies. It will not improve your health or habits.

- eggs and sperm go through crucial genetic preparations in the weeks before conception, and you want these to occur under the best circumstances

- genetic defects do not all occur randomly - its empowering to know you have some control

- most defects, many preventable, occur between 17 & 56 days after conception - the time before many women even know they are pregnant

- it's easier to continue healthy habits into pregnancy and beyond if they're in place before pregnancy

- you're born with all your eggs, but they don't start completely developing until your body chooses them for ovulation

- you do have a choice - fertility and fetal development depend on both genetics and the environment - and you can control the environmental factors

Your eggs aren’t getting any younger. 1 in 6 couples is diagnosed with infertility. I can help you not only learn to decipher what your body is telling you it needs, I can help you figure out ways that work best for you to fill in those gaps and improve your overall health. Together we will build new habits that will take you through a healthy pregnancy and beyond. There are things that you and your partner should be focusing on to give your body the best chance to conceive and have a healthy baby. It sucks having that would have, should have, could have moment.

2. Well. I can just ask my Doctor what I need to do.

Doctor’s don’t really know. They’ll tell you to quit birth control and start a prenatal, and not much more advice.

Nutrition has been my life for more than 3 years. I received first class honours when obtaining my Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. I have a Precision Nutrition Level One Certification as well as an Advanced Child Brain & Development Nutritional Advisor Certificate. I am board certified with CAHNPro. In the past three years, I have logged over 3000 educational hours and am continually learning and expanding my nutrition and wellness knowledge.

It is estimated that medical schools provide between 19.6 to 23 hours in non-elective nutrition training – maybe a single course. You get a 10 minute appointment with a Doctor, and if you have questions, you have to re-book to get answers. A doctor will give you an infertility diagnosis, my hope that in working with me that you never get there.

Registered Dieticians generally fall back on Canada’s food guide. I was reading a book on pre-pregnancy by a Registered Dietician – and the recommendation for weight gain was through the use of fast food, milkshakes and soda. Anyone who truly cares about your health would never make these recommendations. I just got an invite to a webinar directed to Registered Dieticians on “Critical Thinking in Gene Editing & Nutrition”. It’s sponsored and accredited through Bayer (formerly Monsanto). When it comes to research, I have been trained to think critically. Do you see the conflict in interest here? Do you think that the information provided is going to be unbiased? Who benefits from the spreading of this information? Follow the money. My goal is help you succeed in your health goals. The more you succeed, the more you’ll share about your success, and share your secret weapon, me!

3. Well, I'll just read a book then on what I need to do.

So much conflicting information out there! Overwhelming! Where to start? What if you have a question or need clarification? How does it apply to you?

A Google search of “before you get pregnant books” brings up 174,000,000 results. The first link is “Eight Books to read before you get pregnant”. Do you have the time to read 8 books to find out what you could do? What is relevant to you? What if you read these 8 books and have a question? Where are you going to get an answer? The author? I’ve compiled some of the best information in a 12 week program ready for you to jump in and start making healthy changes. Every week get relevant information to get you moving in the right direction. After completing this program, you will be able to implement healthy diet, stress-reduction and fertility boosting health strategies to positively prepare your body to conceive and deliver a happy, healthy baby. Each week is broken down into not only learn why you should make health improvements prior to pregnancy but how to make those changes. Broken down into smaller, achievable portions, you will have a blueprint on how to make lifelong choices that will help you meet and exceed your health goals! Spend your valuable time actually building the health habits, instead of researching if, why and how you should make changes. Remember, your eggs aren’t getting any younger!

4. I can just ask my friends for advice.

We are all individuals with different requirements and needs. What works for one won’t always work for another. Often just 3rd party advice. How many times have you gotten the advice of “just relax”?

What worked for your BFF won’t necessarily work for you. We are all unique individuals and our bodies and lives are all different. If everyone could eat the same way and be healthy, we wouldn’t have the Keto This, the Paleo That, The 80 day whatever. We would all be healthy following the government published food guide. But we’re not all the same. We didn’t come off a production line. 1 in 6 couples wouldn’t be diagnoses as infertile. We wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Type II diabetes would still be classified as Adult Onset. My nutritional requirements are different than yours. Your body reacts to food differently than mine. Your stress response is different than your neighbours. We can figure out what works best for your body, your life and YOU! The advice that you get to “just relax” doesn’t help anyone.

5. Well, there's lots of people to follow on social media that will give me information for free.

See 2, 3 & 4. What are their qualifications? Experience? Safe?

I have experience asking the doctors on what can be done to get pregnant. I was given the option of IUI, ovarian drilling, or IVF. Not to fix the hormonal imbalances that were causing ovulation issues. I dealt with those after I had found out I even had them, and after $12,000 in treatments. I help all my clients become their own best advocates.

I gave birth to a child with a birth defect. I handed my 3 month old newborn over to surgeons to remove a section of her skull 3/4 inch wide and almost 5 inches long. Her diagnosis of craniosynostosis almost broke me. My Mom guilt is huge. Was it the fertility treatments? I didn’t know better before my IVF that nutrition plays such a huge role. No one told me. I know I could have done better, had I known better. It could have just been chance, but we’ll never know. I just live with knowing I didn’t do all that I could before I even started trying to get pregnant.

You see what I did there? Yeah, you don't have to work with me when you're ready to start or expand your family. But I wish I would have worked with someone like me before I started trying for a family.

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