Sarah has taken the time to listen

"I was having health issues and no doctor was able to or really willing to look deep into what was causing my symptoms and weight loss.


They would run tests and they would all come back "fine" yet I was getting worse.


Sarah has taken the time to listen and work with me to get my body feeling better and to be gaining the weight back I had lost.


I have been working with Sarah now for over a month and I'm so grateful for her knowledge and help!


Thank you Sarah for everything!"              - Michael Whitelock, Mini Roadmap Client

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You want to feel better, but where do you even start?


I'm looking at helping a select few of you with a Mini-Roadmap to Health.


Let's figure out what your priorities need to be, and let's get a plan in place on what you need to focus on first.


If you want:

- more energy

- better sleep

- less cravings

- mood boost

- weight loss


this Mini-Roadmap is for you.


We'll figure out what your body is telling you, take a look at where you are at now and see what actions you need to take to get where you want to be!


For $347, you will get:

- an initial interview (1.5 hrs) and questionnaire

- eating recommendations, what, how, why and even when

- lifestyle hacks - tips on how to sleep better, manage stress, incorporate daily movement

- supplement recommendations (and a discount offer too!)

- understand how to apply these changes and why these things matter

- a two week post follow up call (1-1.5 hrs) to answer any questions


Short term steps intertwined with long term visions.


This will be a customized plan based on YOU, and is a great plan if you have a single area of major concern.  


If you're ready to feel better, book now! I have limited spots open so that you can get started to your goals NOW!

"Contacting Sarah was one of the best things I ever did in terms of self-care.  I am thrilled I took the plunge because of the improvements I’ve seen.


Her in-depth analysis and direct questions really helped me pinpoint how to correct my ongoing concerns. The personalized routine she gave me was concise and so easy to follow! I now have more energy, sleep soundly and my digestive issues have vastly improved.


Even after completing the cleanse she suggested, I continue to use her recipes and have made the meals for others (to rave reviews!).


I used to think I was a healthy eater, but our conversations were enlightening, and she helped direct me to a better path.


Another thing I love about Sarah - she routinely check’s in to see how you are doing and is unbelievably personable. When you are speaking with her, you have her full attention. She doesn’t give you a bandaid solution and really worked with me to address things other practitioners have glazed over.


It felt great to finally be heard.


It’s now been over 2 months since I contacted her, and I wish I had done it sooner! It’s been life-changing! Thanks again Sarah!"

- Kasia Garsczcal - Mini Roadmap Client

It felt great to finally be heard

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